Sunday, April 6, 2008

Zanies Tug-a-Bloom Dog Toy - Review

The Zanies Tug-a-Bloom Dog Toy is a huge hit with our little dogs. While at a meet up with another little puppy, our dogs took to this fun toy. The owner very kindly gave us one to take home and play with. The balls on the end squeak, the flowers on top crinkle and the rope in the middle...well, it's a good old chew toy. They lady who introduced us to the toy actually separates the four blooms into individual stems. This makes 4 small dog toys out of one.

The official description of the product is:

  • Four ropes that provide ample tugging & chewing options

  • Crinkle flower petals and squeaker in each ball

  • Tug-a-Bloom is 8 1/2"

  • Multi-purpose elements will grab your pups attention

  • Interactive toy has dental benefits and will provide hours of chewing fun

All I know is, the puppies approve!

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