Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Answers

Patrick is home from the hospital and is back to his old self. The problem is - no one is sure what went wrong. He was absolutely fine, had a nap and woke up in a terrible state. One thought is an allergic reaction to his pain meds - but he hadn't had any in over 12 hours. Very fishy indeed. Their next thought is a liver shunt. This is upsetting to say the least. We won't know the results on that test until tomorrow at the earliest.
The vet clinic took excellent care of him and they all fell in love with him.
He is home today, feisty as always. We are trying to keep him very low key. It's not easy! I'm including a picture earlier yesterday enjoying the sun, and then today when he arrived home from the hospital. He looks sad - it's because his brother and the dog we are babysitting were tearing around the house and we wouldn't let him join in.
His symptoms were strange. He seemed like he was drunk - swaying back and forth struggling to hold himself up. He was also drooling excessively. At first I thought hypoglycemia, but he didn't perk up at all after nutrical. His blood tests at the hospital were all normal and his sugar was also normal. He spent the night on IV fluids and had charcoal given to him as well. Poor guy. I'm glad to have him home.

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