Monday, April 14, 2008

Gymnastics Coaching - Blog Review

Everyday I have an online ritual. I log on, check my email and then check out my favourite websites. One site that has been steadily climbing up the list is Gymnastics Coaching. The site is updated frequently and has diverse coverage (as far as gymnastics goes). I also like that the author reads the comments and takes them into consideration.

The most recent post is about the rumoured Russian scandal of Putin and a Rhythmic superstar hooking up!.

The blog covers "tumbling, tramp, diving, acrobatics, circus, cheer, dance, martial arts, X sports and more". Check it out! I do everyday!


Simba said...

I must show that photo to fat fat Daddy.

Simba xx

Rick said...

Thanks Puppy Dog. Glad you are enjoying Gymnastics Coaching.