Saturday, April 5, 2008

Westminster Dog Show

I flipped to the animal channel just now - they often have interesting animal related TV, if not specifically a dog show- and the Westminster Dog Show is on. Normally I wouldn't watch a dog show, but the toy dogs are going now. They are just so darn cute! How can you not enjoy watching dogs that commentators describe as "happy, merry little dogs"? Seriously.

The show is put on by the Westminster Kennel Club.

This is kind of old news but, Uno, a Beagle, Went on to win Best in Show. Hopefully this win will make Beagle's more popular. There are lots of them out there waiting to be adopted. Beagles and Buddies is a great No Kill shelter that specializes in Beagles, but has all types of animals. If you are in the Los Angeles area, they are worth checking out.
Remember to have all new puppies check by a vet! You never know where they have been, and young puppies can take a turn for the worse quickly. This article, The Worst Pitfalls in Pet Adoption, outlines what I mean.

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