Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Considering we had nothing to do this weekend, it sure seemed busy. I ran my usual weekend errands (groceries) but that was about all we had planned.

I ordered some new knitting books. I want to learn how to knit again and be better at it. Last time I tried it took me THREE MONTHS to make a scarf. Not a super fancy scarf either. A plain old boring one. Anyways, I want to make slippers and toques and dog sweaters and throws and... Really, I want to be able to make anything I want.

We went to the dog park today. It was super fun. There was about 8 dogs there total and they were all well behaved. The boys ran and ran and ran. It was good because they were all antsy in the apartment. It is really nice to have some choices close by to help them really blow off some steam.

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