Sunday, April 6, 2008

Griffith Park Off Leash Park

I want to start sharing information about all the dog parks in the Los Angeles area. Some are undoubtedly better than others, but most provide a great place for our four legged friends to burn off some steam. Today I will be covering the Griffith Dog Park. The park is located just off the 134 and the 5 on North Zoo Drive at the end of John Ferraro Soccer Field. The park is right at the end of the road last possible thing you can reach. The dog park has it's own parking.

The park is split into two sections with one side being for small and timid dogs. The regular side has a dirt section and a grassy section. There are a lot of shady trees and benches. The small dog section is all dirt. There is less shade, but still benches and chairs. Both sections have water play and drinking areas for the dogs, pooper-scoopers and trash cans. There is a portable washroom for human use.

The people at this park do a great job of keeping their dogs in the rights section of the park. My little dogs did not have to be fearful of well meaning big dogs as they were all on the proper side of the park. The fencing is excellent in all areas with no gaps where smaller dogs can escape. This is a safe environment for the dogs to play.

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