Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken Nibblers - Healthy Treats For Your Dog

I am always on the hunt for "good" treats to give my pups. Good encompasses a few things. First, they have to like it. Second, it has to be somewhat healthy for them. I can't be rewarding them for "good pees" all day long while feeding them garbage! My local pet store recommended Chicken Nibbles to me.

Chicken Nibbles are 100% natural. According to their ad: "Pet Center Chicken Nibbles dog treats, made from 100% Chicken Breast Fillets, are freshly processed according to PCI's quality standards and formulas without additives or coloring. These premium treats are delicately roasted to perfection to insure the ultimate quality and flavor. Low in fat, high in protein, no preservatives and highly nutritious. Chicken Nibbles are sure to become your dog's favorite treat. Round shaped nibbles are perfect as a training treat" These treats are also endorsed by the American Canine Association.

So, obviously the second part of my "good" criteria is fulfilled. Regarding the first, my dogs LOVE them. My one pup is a bit leery of new treats but gobbled these right up. The only thing I would change is to perhaps have a small breed version of the treat. I break each cookie up into about 4-6 pieces to use for training. Otherwise it takes way too long for them to eat and I'm sure they would get fat no matter how healthy the treats are.

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