Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Randomness at it's finest

Tonight I watched the biggest loser finale. I hadn't followed the season - or any past seasons, but WOW. Those people lost some serious weight. They made me feel kind of guilty. At this point I'm not dangerously overweight but I'm not thin and I'm certainly not as fit as I once was. I was watching thinking "I should go for a run now... but I want to watch the show." The good news is that when I went to get a commercial snack - I opted to get grapes instead of cookies or chocolate. Tomorrow I am going to start running again. Maybe I will add that tally to blog or something. It will help keep me accountable.

On a totally different topic - Jack starts doggie school tomorrow. I'm really excited for him. He is smart as a whip and learns things really quickly, but I need some help with his confidence outside of the house. He gets so timid and scared. I'm hoping to learn some good tips to help him cope a bit better.

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Simba said...

I just noticed what big ears you have. You part bat?

Simba xx