Monday, April 21, 2008

Dogs on TV

Lately there has been many shows on TV about dogs. I'm a big sucker for these shows no matter what genre they are.

Dog's Moms and Dads was on the other night. It chronicles the owners of show dogs that participate in various disciplines. Some of these people are CRAZY. Two guys in a super abusive relationship have to massage their dogs testicles to make them drop. Maybe he's just not cut out to be a show dog? This on Bravo.

It's me or the dogs is like the British Dog Whisperer. Instead of Cesar Milan we get Victoria Stillwell. She seems more kind than Cesar and appears to get good results.

Groomer has it... is the show for real? Dog Groomers vie for the prize of Best Groomer. They start by grooming a yarn dog. Literally, a dog made of yarn. Then they shear sheep? Clearly these tasks show dog grooming ability.

There is also Petfinder, Animal Cops, Animal Precinct and of course the Dog Whisperer. It is nuts! Of course I watch them all because I'm a nut. The dogs watch them too. It is interesting what animals they bark at and which ones they do not. Also, my husband pointed out that they never bark at the people on the TV, just the animals. They bark at all the live people who come into our house. It would be interesting to get into the mind of a chihuahua.

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blogdog said...

Ohmygod, Showdog Moms and Dads! I watched that show open-mouthed. It was like "Best in Show" only not at all funny. I couldn't work up any sympathy for any of those wackjobs!