Saturday, April 5, 2008

Snuggle Sacks - Product Review

My boys received their very own Snuggle Sack in the mail today. They are made and sold by Wendy Barkett to help offset the costs of her dachshund's surgery costs.

"Each Snuggle Sack is made with 4 layers of fleece. All of the sides have fringe and one side is left open so your pet may crawl or burrow in. Nice and warm in the winter and a nice soft spot for the summer. They are about 20 X 30 give or take a couple of inches." They cost $35 in the US, which includes shipping. For pricing information to other areas, you need to contact Wendy directly.
She has lots of fabric choices - many much more bold and fun than the plain black I requested. That is correct - she filled my pain in the butt request. Wendy was very easy to deal with and prompt. I received the snuggle sack 2 days after I paid for it.
On top of all of those pluses, the dogs instantly loved it. They knew it was for them the minute I opened the box and began to play and sleep on it for the next few hours. I was totally impressed with the quality of materials and construction of the snuggle sack.
Even if you aren't really in the market for a new dog bed, this is a great product for a great cause! The puppies give it 2 paws up!

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