Saturday, May 31, 2008

Break Through

Today at the Griffith dog park we had a break through with Jack. It took a while, but he had a normal, polite interaction with another dog. We kept him on leash and focused until he was polite. He had to sit or lay down any time he showed any anxiety or bad behavior. After a while he mellowed out and was able to run and play nicely with the other dog. It was awesome to see him enjoy playing with another dog instead of just freaking out! Baby steps.

In that vein, tomorrow is the Nuts for Mutts show. Monte has entered in a few classes. I was going to take Jack for the socializing and experience, but I feel like it might be too much for him. Overwhelming him will only set us back in the progress. The new plan is to take Patrick! Patrick is pretty easy going and taking him places is easy... often when I can only take one dog I take Jack because he "needs" it. I need to make sure to take Patrick also or he will lose his nice guy attitude.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow. It should be a fun day!


Photo of Jack (still on leash, but being mellow), Patrick and their new friend at the park. The new puppy was a Chihuahua/Terrier Cross and was amazing. So well natured and tonnes of fun. Her and Patrick ran and ran and ran. It was awesome to see

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Rambo said...

Hi Jack & Patrick,
Wow...that's awesome about Jack. My G-Mom would never take me to a dawg park because I try to bite every four legged animal in the park!
your friend,

Ps. I hope Jack's eye is getting better.