Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm a Monster - Dog Clothes for my Chihuahuas

For a while I thought the boys were going to be making a trip up to Canada during the winter (well... they still might, but anyways),so I ordered them some sweaters and such. However, I also ordered them the cutest little polo shirts. Sadly, Patrick is apparently too small for Extra Small, so his is a little large. Either way, I felt a bit ridiculous dressing them up for the heck of it. I only left them on long enough to snap a few pictures (look how well they posed this time! Improvement!) and then took them off. I couldn't bring myself to put the sweaters on them. It's 97 degrees outside for crying out loud. I think that this polos are not too horrible though. They are definitely on the more masculine side of dog clothing!

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Gus said...

Oh my, I gotta write this fast so muzzer doesn't see your page. Otherwise, I will be back to wearing clothes and bandanananas and stuff again.

They look cute. Muzzer would probably say "Awww, they are darling."

If you want cute and original dog clothes, you might try visiting Butchy and Snickers' mama at . She makes great stuff, including pajamas. She makes cowboy stuff too....I want a pair of chaps for christmas, but dad thinks muzzer is crazy.