Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book Review - It's Me or the Dog

I recently ordered a few books from Amazon. I had to get one for work, so I got some dog ones also - it allowed me to qualify for super saving shipping. Ironically, they are being shipped separately. Today I received "IT'S ME OR THE DOG: HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT PET" by Victoria Stilwell. I really enjoy her show so I thought I would check out the book. It was quick and easy to read. A lot of the content was stuff we are already doing, but it is good to have reinforcement in our methods. I also found the section on dog body language very interesting and helpful. It is very pretty with nice pictures and easy to read text. Even Jared has started reading it! It is a good book that covers the basics of obedience, dog psychology, diet, potty training and fun! I am glad that I read it for sure.

In other news it was a lovely day for a walk today and the boys agreed. Both of them were exceptionally well behaved while we were out today. It makes life so much more enjoyable to walk a polite dog!

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