Friday, May 30, 2008

Patrick - CSI Dog

Well, Patrick is a magnet for for trouble. Today he and Jack were playing and next thing I know Patrick is rubbing at his eye and looking at me like a one eyed pirate. I called the vet and off we went. She did a Fluorescein stain which identifies abrasions, scratches, ulcerations and lacerations present in the cornea on the surface of the eye. The put in the stain and then turn on a black light and his eyes glow like crazy. It is similar to on CSI when they use the light to see all the dried substances no one wants to know about. ANYWAYS - sure enough he has two big old scratches down his eye (thanks Jack). He gets ointment in his eye 4x a day and goes back to the vet on Thursday.

The vet also set me at ease, because I tend to over-react when it comes to the dogs. She said there are three things that should never wait to call the vet. If your animal is hit by a car, if they can't pee and if something happens to the eyes. It definitely made me feel a bit better because she even stayed a bit late to see us.

Patrick was very well behaved at the vets. He was quiet and polite and minded his manners. He weighed a whopping 3lbs9oz.


Rambo said...

I am sorry to hear you have a boo boo on your eye. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. MM is sick and has to take medicine too. I told her to be a good dawg and she will get better soon.

Gus said...

Patrick: For such a small fellow, you get into a mighty heap of intersting predicaments. Hope the eye is not too painful, and don't be too mean to Jack..I'm sure he didn't mean it.


Pedro said...


Ouch!!! I hope your eye feels better. You have a really great mom for taking such good care of you!