Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nuts for Mutts

"Nuts for Mutts is an annual dog show and pet fair celebrating the best of the mutt. It's just like the Westminster Dog show... okay, not really. In this show, mixed breed dogs compete in categories such as "Best Kisser," "Fastest Eater," "Most Vocal," "Mystery Mutt" and more. It's a day of fun and a way for people to show off their mutts, so nothing is taken too seriously (well, that may not always be true for all contestants).

This year the show is on June 1 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles area). The idea originated from Bobby Dorafshar, founder of New Leash On Life Animal Rescue, a local non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates homeless pets.

There are special categories for purebred rescues as well.

Tickets prices are Adults are $10, Kids 12 - 3 are $5, Kids under 3 are free and Dogs are $5. You can bring your dog to watch even if he is not showing as long as you buy him a ticket.

I think maybe we will go check it out. It looks like fun! I'm a bit sad the boys can't enter because Jack has some SERIOUS ears and Patrick is the biggest kisser ever.

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Pedro said...

Wow, I wish I lived near you. My big brother Ziggy is a mutt and I know he could win! He is sooooooo good lookin (not as good lookin as me, but close). If you go I hope you take pictures!