Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dog Park Day!

Today we went to the Sepulveda Basin Dog Park. It was really nice. Almost the entire small dog section was shaded with trees, there was plenty of seating and it was grass. The small dog section is for dogs 20lbs and under, but there are other areas for bigger dogs also. One warning is, apparently there is a Dog Park Police type woman who checks to make sure you dog is licensed and has it's appropriate shots. She was not there today, but two separate people told stories of being "escorted out" for not having their puppies licensed yet. There is lots of parking as well.

We stayed for two hours as the shade created a very comfortable area. The dogs had a great time and there was a great group of small dogs in there. Monte came so the boys were good with him. Also, there was the most adorable french bulldog that they played with a bit. Jack was the most social he has ever been, although he was far too yappy for my tastes. He never used to be a yappy chihuahua. Oh well, one thing at a time. Patrick fetched and fetched and fetched.
Even though this park is a bit further than some others, I will likely be making the trip back. The boys really enjoyed it there. As I've said we enjoy dog parks. If you know of any other nice Southern California Dog Parks, let me know!

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