Monday, May 12, 2008

Rug Doctor - I am not!

Now that Monte is gone, and our pups are pretty good about the washroom I decided it was time to tackle the carpets. Sadly, I fail at using the rug doctor. It ran out of water...I had no idea so I called the help line... to be informed it was out of water! How embarrassing! What was also embarrassing was how gross the carpets were. Now they look great! It was totally worth having to refill and empty the thing 897 times for a very small area. When we are getting ready to move we will probably have them professionally done, but for now this will do. It has made a good difference. The pups aren't pleased though. They haven't been allowed on it most of the day.


Simba said...

Easy mistake to make lol.

Simba x

Petra said...

Hey guys --- thanks for visiting my blog!

I'll be 10 months old tomorrow, so I'm pretty good about going potty outside. But it sounds like you got lots of exercise refilling the rug doctor like a zillion times!