Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweaters, Adoptions, Colds... Oh My!

The boys got new sweaters! I know, I know. It is summer in California. However, there was a brief time there where I thought the boys were going to have to winter in Canada. So I was getting prepared. Now that they won't be wintering in the Great White North (except maybe for a Christmas visit) the sweaters will have to wait until really cold nights, or winter. The sweaters were custom made by melodypets on eBay. She charges a ridiculously low fee. I doubt it even covered her costs. She made them custom to my specifications. I am showing Patrick's sweater because Jack didn't want to be a model the day I tried them on. The sweaters are well made and I am more than pleased with them!

We did puppy school with Jack at a new location this week. He still did pretty good. It wasn't an overwhelming success like our last few outings at the dog park, but still much, much better than before. While we were there the trainer brought out Otis to help us socialize and get used to other dogs and distractions. Otis is BEAUTIFUL! He is up for adoption at Pet Mania in Burbank. He was saved from Death Row. Pet Mania always has cats, dogs and rabbits available to rescue. Right now, on top of Otis and a few other adult dogs they have a slew of puppies and kittens. Pet Mania is on the corner of Pass and Oak in Burbank.

Patrick seems to have some kind of cold. The vet gave us some CEFA drops to give him. Hopefully it clears up, he's had a rough few weeks. All his stitches are finally gone from his neuter though.

The dog we are babysitting is having good days and bad days. Not to be all negative though, he now sits wonderfully, has stopped digging through the trash and has learned he is not allowed in the kitchen. (Our kitchen is very small - so if we drop something such as a can, knife, bad food, etc it is likely it will harm the dog - so we just don't let them in there.) Also, Jack and Patrick are more tolerant of him. They will still tell him when enough is enough (he has WAY more energy than they do - granted he hasn't been allowed outside due to neuter) but overall they play and share nicely. They have sleeping as a group down pat.

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Ashley said...

Thanks for the sweater info for ebay. I want to get Max a sweater now too!

And thanks for your comments of concern while Max was sick. He is feeling much better now :)