Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Loose Leash Walking

I am happy to report that Jack and I have got loose leash walking down pretty darn good. This picture is us walking along a very busy street. That road used be a sure fire way to give Jack a melt down. Today I have a happy, attentive puppy.


I tried to make Jared take the camera while he walked Patrick "in case he [did] something cute". I was informed everything he does is cute and the camera would not be going! I will try to post more pictures of Patty Cakes!


Gus said...

Well, I must say I haven't seen an ugly picture of either dog yet. Maybe this should be the "cutedogblog" since they are almost not puppies now.


Simba said...

What a cute face, love those ears.

Simba x

Pedro said...

My mom takes her camera with her everywhere all the time! You just never know when "especially" cute is gonna happen! Good leash walkin! My mom just bought me a harness and it's alot easier for me to walk on the leash now. I didn't like the collar around my neck and I'm pretty good at escaping from it!


Rambo said...

Good work Jack! Did you get a cookie for being so good?