Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jack's Good Day

Today was another really good day for Jack. Today on our walk a stranger approached us. She stopped and talked, gave Jack a cookie and said "Wow, he is so well trained!" Seriously! It was so great to hear. I get so caught up in all Jack's quirks that sometimes I miss out on the big picture. It was a good reality check. He really is doing well and has come a long way.

I am trying to socialize him with more people. I took him to a groomer today so he could be handled by someone who is knowledgeable with dogs. The groomer I chose has great reviews, especially dealing with nervous and timid dogs. I took Jack in and the man bonded with him, feeding him chicken while I filled out the paperwork. By the time I left Jack was up in his lap waiting for more treats. I left him there feeling he was in good hands, but still nervous about how things would go. The groomers took their time with him and two hours later they called to tell me he was done (Seriously, it does not take 2 hours to groom 4lbs of dog!) I went to pick him up and was greeted by a happy, clean pup! They said he did great - I'm sure they say that to everyone, but it still made me feel good. Plus, he got the cutest Bandanna ever! His dad isn't too pleased, but I'm tickled - it's dressing him up in a more acceptable way.

Pictures - Jack home from the groomer and Jack defiantly resting in his OLD BED.




Bianca B Travels said...

He is adorable! Good job! Love, MONTE & HIS PEOPLE

Gus said...

Well, I think I can see in Jack's eyes that he is becoming more confident and sure of himeslf. My muzzer thinks I am projecting.